Young Artist Series: An interview with Moses Mackay

As one of Auckland’s premium men’s suits and fashion stores, RJB Design is privileged to help men of different vocations, ages and lifestyles look and feel their best. 

In our Young Artist series, we’ll be shining a light on the up-and-coming talent in NZ’s creative and entertainment scenes, and finding out what makes them tick. 

First up, we have Moses Mackay, a man of many talents and a proud customer of RJB Design. When he’s not turning heads as one of the SOL3 MIO trio alongside Pene and Amitai, he’s winning hearts on NZ’s latest season of The Bachelor. We were lucky enough to chat to Moses and pick his brain on fame, fashion and all in-between. 

Here’s what he had to say:


For those who may not know you, what do you do?

I’m a creative, artist and one-third of SOL3 MIO, a New Zealand operatic vocal pop music trio of which i’m a baritone member. I’m also a host on the FLAVA radio station, and have featured on Celebrity Treasure Island amongst other things.

Currently i’m on the latest season of The Bachelor NZ, a unique experience to say the least but one i’m truly grateful for. I’m blessed to have been able to work in a number of areas in the creative and entertainment spaces.I am currently on a nationwide tour with SOL3 MIO.


What first got you into music?

I grew up in a musical family and was always surrounded by music. A defining experience for me was when growing up and watching the Lion King as a kid. This is a memory I have of falling in love with theatre, film, orchestral music at a very young age.


As an artist, what does your creative process look like?

My creative process differs from project to project. It could be anything from a long walk alone lost in thought, or simply grinding away with a coffee, pad and pen. 


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up each morning?

Currently, my alarm goes off at 5am each morning. I’ll pack my bag and get ready to head to co-host the FLAVA radio breakfast show, Mon - Fri, 6-9AM with SOL3 MIO. 

When it’s the weekend though, morning coffee in bed with pancakes on a Sunday. Love.


What’s the last thing you do before bed?

I usually light some incense and a candle, relax, before snuggling up with my pup, Merch.

You have a great fashion would you describe it and where do you draw your inspiration from?

My sense of style has evolved over the years. I’ve been fortunate enough, through my professional work, to meet stylists and attend various events that i’ve been able to dress up for and learn what works for me. 


You travel a lot, do you get inspiration for what you wear from where you travel? DO you have favourite clothes to travel in?

When travelling it’s super important to have clothes you’ll actually wear, that are comfortable and not too heavy (weight limit on travel bags). A few questions I always ask myself when packing are, when was the last time I wore this? Can it be worn with multiple combinations? 

You obviously attend quite a few formal events, what are some important attributes when choosing the right suit?

Rule of thumb - It’s always better to be overdressed, than underdressed. I like to look the part and feel a sense of pride in a nicely tailored suit, or formal wear. RJB Design have? had me looking my best on The Bachelor in the Sloane Dinner Suit by Gibson.






Or while on stage with Sol3 Mio inmy RJB Design bespoke love the perfect  fit of a tailor made suit.

One thing I always double check is that I have multiple pairs of socks packed when I'm heading away and know I'll be going out. You never know when you’re going to be caught out and I love a good sock with a tasty suit! (laughs). 


What’s your favourite thing to wear in your wardrobe currently when you’re not on stage?

I have a mustard/ caramel coloured jumper from RJB Design that i’m currently obsessed with… 

to the point I get asked if I own any other jumpers (which I do!). 


You’ve been working with RJB Design for a while now, what is your favourite aspect of the garments you and Sol3 Mio get from RJB Design?

I love how each piece has its own story and its own feel. Just like every song has its own story, so does each piece of garment from RJB Design. That’s a tribute to Ronald’s hard work and his love for his art. 


What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

If you don’t love it straight away - don’t buy it! Because as the folks at RJB Design will tell you, life’s too short to dress badly. Find clothes you love and own them. 


A word from Ronald... 

If you loved our check-in with Moses, you can hear more about what he’s up to on the FLAVA NZ morning show, or see him on his quest for love in The Bachelor New Zealand on Wednesday at 7:30pm on TV 2. 

It’s been a privilege to dress Moses; a man of already-impeccable style with a real zest for life that we love here at RJB Design. For his personal collection and television appearances, Moses has explored a range of bespoke tailored suits and bespoke men’s clothing, to all sorts of mens fashion items.

Whether it’s RJB Design’s Blue Tazslon Swim Shorts by Dstrezzed as a go-to summer short, or something a bit more formal for an event like the Unit Black Denim Jeans by Pearly King, Moses has been wearing a number of items from RJB Design that he loves. 

Our personal favourites on him were the Mid Grey Square Jersey by Dstrezzed, an unassuming cardigan that’s been perfect for those cooler summer nights when an extra layer’s needed.


Mid Grey Square Jersey by Dstrezzed


The Cusack Trouser by Pearly King Burgandy is also a great choice and is something that can be dressed up or down; perfect for someone like Moses who keeps busy and has different events to attend regularly.


The Herringbone Wool Coat by Dstrezzed is also a great layering piece for the coming months that we’d recommend to anyone looking for a statement piece with great functionality. 

We’re proud to help guys like Moses look and feel their best, while discovering their own sense of style through pieces suited to them, whether they’re bespoke suits, dress shirts or ready-to-wear garments.

If you’d like to see any of the pieces Moses has spoken about or is wearing on the show, pop in to RJB Design. As one of the premium menswear Auckland stores, we stock a wide range of mens shirts, premium suits & casual menswear, wedding suits for men and are proud to have one of the most extensive ranges of mens suits NZ wide. Whether you’re looking for tailored suits, wedding attire for your wedding day or casual wear, we’ve got you covered.

We look forward to seeing you.
The team at RJB Design 

March 31, 2021