Your Back-to-Work Men’s Fashion Style Guide

With the holidays done and dusted, the kids off to school and most of us getting back to business-as-usual, the back-to-work, summer fashion season is here. This means smart-casual wear, late evenings, summer events, and the perfect excuse to add some functional flair to your daily-wear. Here’s how you can make the most of the remaining warmer months with some stylish additions to your wardrobe.


For busy professionals, if your office allows it, summer is a great opportunity to tone-down your formal wear for style and comfort on the job. If you’re puzzled about where exactly the line is drawn between these two worlds, here are some tips you can follow: 

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Dressing Clever

Layering is an art, and something everyone should familiarise themselves with. In addition to equipping you well for the colder months, layering in summer allows you to ‘dress-up’ less formal items like linen shirts, tees and chinos with a light blazer, or sweater. In doing so, you’ll be able to transition from the office to 5 o’clock drinks without skipping a beat, matching your environment with the addition or removal of a more formal layer. 

For some great options, try the Newman Slub White Jersey by Dstrezzed.



Or the Cotton Denim Blazer by Florentino


Tone it Down 

Tone is everything and a general rule of thumb is that darker is dressier, while lighter makes things casual. There are exceptions of course, but if you’re ever in doubt when looking for something casual and summer-ready opt for the latter. Colourful chinos like these Roma Soft Cotton Red Chinos by Meyer are a great fit. 



If you really want to push the boat out, a patterned shirt like this Blue Eden Floral can be a statement piece that will help you look the part.


Think Active

Whether you’re out of office, socialising after work or just want to stay cool throughout the day, lighter options are key. Polo’s and tees can bridge the gap between formal and casual, for functional fashion that will keep you comfortable in-office and out. The Army McQueen Slub Jersey by Dstrezzed is a great example of a piece that can be dressed up or down.


Add Texture 

Texture is your secret weapon when it comes to ‘dressing-up’ casual wear. It can keep your outfit interesting, add depth and is a classic feature of more considered items. The Indigo Camden Polo by Pearly King provides a textured look, with a floral print and embroidered logo.

The Khaki Square Knit T-shirt by Dstrezzed is also a great option, with a ribbed neck and knitted cotton body for a summer-ready staple that’s comfortable too. 




Functional Clothing 

When it comes to the weekend, function is essential. Whether you’re heading to the beach, out for lunch or off to the shops, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort in the heat. 



Up top, tees are your best friend. As a single layer, they’re a no-brainer, but they also provide a base that can be dressed up with a light jacket on cooler days. The Bright Orca Mcqueen Slub Jersey by Dstrezzed is a quintessential summer tee, bright, eye-catching and perfect for the heat.


If you’re looking for something a bit more versatile, the Navy V-Neck Tee by Cutler is perfect, and able to be paired with a jacket like the Capital Jacket - By Pearly King.



On hot days, you don’t always have to reach for the stubbies! Shorts can be a great smart-casual option if the cut and material is of a higher quality. These Linen Shorts by Dstrezzed are a great example and being a neutral colour, pair well with a polo as a relaxed, but fashionable option for a social occasion. 



If you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant branch out with these beach-ready Palm Chino Shorts by Dstrezzed. While a bit more fun, the 4 pocket model in 98% cotton provides a premium look and feel you’ll want to live in.




If you’re by the pool or heading to the beach, great swimwear can make all the difference. Where many opt purely for function and style goes out the door, experience a cut above with the Fruity Swim Short by Florentino. Made in Spain and in a variety of styles, these work incredibly in and out of the water, balancing comfort with a fun, vibrant summer style you’ll love. 



Weddings and Formal Events

Summer also means weddings, formal events and hotter evenings. Dress code is your best guide for what to wear, but if it isn’t black tie, typically the smart-casual look is a safe bet, particularly when it’s warmer or the event is during the day and you’d prefer not to wear a suit. 

For formal occasions, a suit is still a great option, with a suit jacket able to be unbuttoned or removed as-needed. The Blue Micro Check Suit by Joe Black is a perfect choice. Crafted with 100% pure wool and half canvas construction, it treads the line between function and form, providing breathability with timeless style.



A neutral collared shirt like the Wildlife by R2 will keep the tonality on the lighter-side and provide a sharp, tucked-in look with the jacket removed. For a limited time, we’re also offering a free extra trouser valued at $250 on a selection of suits perfect for a more formal occasion. 



For more casual affairs, you want to follow similar rules in our office wear recommendations above. Chinos like the M5 Slim Stretch Denim pant by Meyer are a smart-casual option that can be paired with a short sleeved polo or dress shirt, dress shoes and layered with a light jacket.


For the shirt, the Mao Micro Stripe Jacquard Shirt by Dstrezzed is a great look, with the Mao collar adding some unconventional flair to your outfit.  



If you’re looking for more wardrobe essentials or need an extra hand finding your perfect fit, join us at  Design. We can take you through our full range of summer essentials in our mens suits store Auckland, where we have the most incredible selection of mens summer wear, mens work essentials and mens suits Auckland wide. You can also check out the full range online. 

We look forward to helping you make the most of your remaining summer. 

The team at  Design.

February 09, 2021