A Guide To Women’s Tailored Suits

Throughout the years of high fashion, the women’s suit has been the ultimate power play. A classically-male form of dress, bold pioneers have flipped this gender convention on its head, on runways, as presidential candidates and in offices around the world. 

Whether you’re a woman who wears suits regularly and is interested in exploring options, or you’ve never thought to wear one, read on. We’ll explore the world of tailored women’s suits and show you how you can elevate your wardrobe with the inclusion of custom made tailor suits.

Why don’t women wear suits? 

For close to 400 years, suits have been a male-typical piece of dresswear. Inspired by royal courtwear and by the utilitarian dressing of hunters or military officers, the suit has seen various transitions over centuries, as styles have adapted the cuts into the classic, form-fitting suits of today.

While suit jackets have been a regular feature of women’s clothing both in leisure and formal dress, it wasn’t until the Jazz age and the introduction of women’s trousers that the suit began to appear in women’s fashion. Originally a suffragette-inspired mark of rebellion, popularised by designers like Coco Chanel, the women's trouser and jacket pairing became more prominent around World War 1. With cultural influences, like women stepping into typically male roles while the men were at war, the suit worked its way into women’s attire. It has since been associated with a subversion of gender norms and a bold statement by women stepping into areas typically dominated by men.

With mainstream fashion labels, sports stars and female politicians all popularising variations of the suit, the idea of women not wearing them is one that has been well and truly put to rest. 

What are some good options for women’s formal wear? 

So what are some good options for women’s formal wear?

When it comes to a women’s dress suit, the women’s pant suit is the perfect option to make a statement. Elegant, timeless and always fashion-forward, there’s room to bring though your personality, sense of style and dress for any occasion by simply changing the cut, or the fabric used. Whether you’re opting for a thicker fabric for the boardroom or office, or a lighter fabric like linen for a summer formal wear number that’s guaranteed to turn heads, the options are endless.

Women’s Made to Measure suits, tailored to fit are your best bet for achieving the look you desire. We’re proud to have over 2,500 luxury fabrics with our Dormeuil 3D offering, made in Europe in the finest tradition, with exceptional style and an impeccable cut. 

We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish, discussing your preferences, intended style and what you’re dressing for, before crafting the suit of your dreams. From here, your new suit can be dressed up, or down, as you see fit. Whether you’re pairing it with a crisp white tee for a suit and shirt combo, or a formal blouse.

How are men’s suits cut differently from womens?

Due to differences in body shape, off-the-rack suits for men will be different to women’s. Where mens suits will be boxier, women’s suits will provide more room in the bust, or hip area, to accommodate for natural differences.

There is a myth that women’s bodies are difficult to work with when it comes to suiting, which is entirely inaccurate. A great tailor will be able to design and fit a suit to any body shape, which again, makes bespoke or made-to-measure options perfect if you’re a woman looking for a truly unique and true-to-form suit.

Ready to explore the world of women’s tailored suits? Come and visit us at RJB. We have a proud history helping men and women alike look and feel their best in incredible suits and formalwear, custom tailored to them. We can take you through our full range of fabrics in our women’s and men’s suits store Auckland. 

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September 16, 2021