A Complete Guide to Tailor Made Suits

It’s one of the best feelings in the world. 

Glancing at the delicate fabric in front of you, you run your fingers over it gently. Every seam, every subtle nuance and fibre, tells a story. One that’s uniquely yours. With your crisp dress shirt and pants perfectly fitted, you slide each arm into your jacket, gliding effortlessly against the inner lining as it envelops your torso like a glove. As you button the jacket-front, and gently tug at your sides, guiding the jacket uniformly onto your shoulders, you take a step back and look proudly in the mirror at your new, tailored suit. Perfection. 

 At RJB Design, we believe this is a feeling every man should experience. The confidence, satisfaction and pride that comes from looking and feeling your best in a suit made just for you. 

But where do you start? With countless options to choose from, bespoke, made-to-measure, custom made tailored suits and off-the-peg, we’ve created this essential guide to help you discover the perfect option for you. 

 *Featured Image Pene Pati wearing RJB Design Bespoke

An Introduction to Tailored Suits 

What is a tailored suit? 

A tailored suit is a broad term, encompassing any suit that has been adjusted to fit the wearer, from an existing off-the-peg suit. Off-the-peg or off-the-rack means just as it sounds; a suit that has been pre-constructed. This contrasts with bespoke or custom suits, which describe anything that isn't ready-to-wear. Custom suits are crafted, typically from scratch, from the wearers preferred fabric, style and shape. 

Stocking a great range at RJB Design our off-the-peg varieties are perfect for business-wear, formal occasions or any time you need to dress to impress. Try the Mission Blue Pure Wool Suit or the Classic Charcoal Pure Wool Suit by Joe Black for breathable, contemporary fits that will suit every man. 



Bespoke vs Made-to-Measure

‘Bespoke’ is a term that is often generalised, leading to some confusion around what it actually means. In the suit space, bespoke should mean a suit that is truly made from scratch. Everything from pattern  to fabric selection and shape, with multiple fittings during the tailoring process, a bespoke suit is the gold-standard for anyone looking for a truly customised piece. 

Made-to-measure is similar, although there will be some elements of standardisation. Where bespoke options will provide near-unlimited variety, made-to-measure suits may have slightly fewer style choices and will require less-frequent fittings. The suit will still be customised to your unique measurements and fit true-to-size. The options will vary based on your chosen tailor, or where you have the suit made and some will provide greater room for variety than others. At RJB Design, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of over 2,500 luxury fabrics with our Dormeuil 3D offering, made in Europe in the finest tradition, with exceptional style and an impeccable cut. 


What does the process look like? 

We take pride in our tailoring. Our extensive selection of the world’s finest in suit fabrics and custom clothing are available through the RJB Design Auckland store. Our bespoke tailoring service is made 100% in NZ. We focus heavily on quality, ensuring every detail from pants to blazers for both men and women are always tailored to perfection. With clients both locally and internationally, we provide reassurance and confidence in a suit-tailoring experience guaranteed to provide you with an option you’re happy with. 

For customers, our processes are enjoyable, engaging and exciting. While we take care of the work, you’ll receive advice, guidance and hands-on care from Ronald and our team as we craft the suit of your dreams. 




After booking a consultation, we’ll organise a time to meet and discuss what you’re looking for. Here, you’ll choose an existing pattern and your preferred fabric, some of which have only enough for 20-30 garments to be made, worldwide. This is where the priceless nature of your suit comes into view, as we begin taking measurements of your legs, chest and height to ensure we have the perfect fit. With measurements taken, your garment will be made-to-measure in France & Italy, with a lead time of 4-6 weeks before you’re back in at RJB Design to finally try on the suit you’ve been waiting for. 




Due to the truly made-from-scratch nature of our bespoke offering, this process is slightly lengthier, though well worth it. 

After an initial consult via phone or online booking, we’ll meet to discuss your custom tailored suit, meticulously crafted in New Zealand. Hand-tailored and hand-made, we’ll talk you through the details as you discuss your preferred shape, fit and select from our finest range of internationally sourced, luxury fabrics. This high quality range of fabrics goes from New Zealand, to Europe and back on its journey to form-fitting perfection, so we ensure every detail in the planning process is well noted. 

From here, you’ll return for two or three fittings, the first with your garment as a blank canvas to find balance and our desired fit, next to the tailoring room with detail constructed and the suit beginning to take shape. Finally, we’ll line the suit, with button holes and hand stitching, with the third fit to fine-tune and make minor adjustments, ready for completion. 

In a 6 week lead time, your 100% handmade and customised garment will be ready for you to try on and take home, ready to wear and make memories in. 



This is a process we love deeply. With close to 25 years of experience tailoring suits and bespoke shirts in New Zealand, we’ve helped countless men like you discover their fashion potential and experience that sought-after feeling of wearing a suit crafted just for them. 

If you’re looking for a hand finding your perfect fit, join us at RJB Design Menswear Auckland. We can take you through our full range of bespoke men's clothing, in our men’s suits store Auckland. With an incredible selection of menswear, men’s work essentials, tailored suits Auckland wide and the finest range of custom made clothing NZ has to offer, you can be sure we’ll have something for you. You can also check out a selection of the range online.

July 28, 2021