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Getting back to business in style.  Dormeuil took a look into the study of the psychological powers of the suit.

 If you are looking to update the office staple, add a “I mean business Suit” or show your creative flair now is the time to distinguish yourself from the rest.

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Despite the lingering heat, summer is now on the wane, and sotoo is vacation season. Whilst many will begrudgingly return to work - reminiscing on their sunsoaked sojourns along the Mediterranean, and lamenting the fact that the insidious clutches of winter will soon strip them of their summer glow - a silver
lining exists...
Studies consistently attest to the profound psychological powers of the suit - of the suits ability to enhance and stimulate cognitive function and elevate ones sense of professionalism - and so it seems that the best remedy for a case of the post-holiday blues lies in your wardrobe - in getting back to business in
So gentlemen, the time is nigh to ensure your suits and shirts are perfectly pressed, your ties are in order and your shoes shined. The time is nigh to reinvigorate your wardrobe with a new piece - perhaps a suit that will see you through the transition from summer to autumn, or perhaps a suit that you will wear with pride for years to come.

Pinstripes That Mean Business
Woven from a high-twist, crease resistant wool - one that is sustainably sourced from the depths of Patagonia - Dormeuil’s Tonik® Wool collection features a number of distinguished striped cloths that are perfect for those looking to embrace the emboldening and uplifting qualities of their clothing.
Or, for those looking to distinguish themselves, may we suggest channeling the style and taste of Gordon Gekko and opting for a pinstriped cloth from our appropraitinley named ‘Ambassador’ collection - comprised of luxuriously soft super 180’s cloth.

An Eternal Office Staple
Conservative to the eye, but ethereally soft to the touch. Subtle in design, but complex in composition. Dormeuil’s 15.7 collection - woven from super 160’s wool - features varying hues of navy that are equal parts understated and luxurious - the perfect balance for a business suit, and perfect for quelling any lingering post-holiday blues.

Something of a More Casual Flavour
For those whose work isn’t confined to the boardroom and revolves around more ‘creative’ or ‘artistic’ pursuits - with whom the corporate undertones of the pinstripe and the ubiquity of navy may not resonate - we suggest exploring the Dorsilk Red collection - defined by its audacious checks, textural nuances and
striking colours.

Written by Dormeuil.





March 13, 2020