A Guide to Wedding Suits with Photographer Charlotte Kiri

Choosing the right suit for your wedding day is a fine art. From the fit and colour scheme, to the setting, your partner’s attire, the bridesmaids, groomsmen and more, there are countless things to consider when it comes to finding your perfect fit.

Whether you have something in mind or are starting from square one, it pays to consult the experts. To get you started on the right track, we sat down with Charlotte Kiri, owner of Charlotte Kiri Photography, a Wanaka-based wedding photographer who has captured countless couples looking their best on their special day. 

Check out the interview below to see Charlotte’s take on mens wedding suits and dressing to impress at your upcoming wedding. 

But first, an introduction... 

Charlotte Kiri and her husband Bruno are proud Wanaka locals, and highly sought-after photographers for weddings in the region. With a diverse background as a qualified journalist, photographer, and professional snowboarder, Charlotte blends enthusiasm, attention to detail and a love of her craft with a deep familiarity with the rugged and beautiful Wanaka outdoors. Charlotte works tirelessly to capture every fleeting moment of authentic emotion against the breathtaking natural backdrops the Wanaka region is renowned for.  

Having been named in Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography and with experience photographing grooms in RJB Design attire, Charlotte was the perfect candidate to chat about the ins and outs of wedding wear with. 


Q&A With Charlotte


What photos are a must-have for a groom in your opinion?

Singular Portraits of the groom, photos with the groomsmen having fun, couples images and family are all high on the list. We really try to focus on bringing family members into the photos as much as possible. My husband’s mum passed away last year and it really makes me realise how important these images are to capture for couples.


bride & groom


How important is what a groom wears? What makes a good photo?

Something that really highlights your partners’ colour choice and the overall wedding vibe is a great rule of thumb. If a groom's suit choice clashes with their fiancée it won’t lead to images with a good aesthetic.


bride and groom


What are the best and worst suit colours for groom photos? 

I’m a true believer in people dressing in what makes them feel happy and comfortable. Picking colours that work with the environment you’re getting married in is important to consider too, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding.  


groomsmen at dinner


There are a lot of natural blue tones in the environment in Wanaka/Queenstown, so I find blue wedding wear can make the person really merge into the mountains and blue sky, leading to poor photographic separation in the images. Black is a classic and will always be timeless and popular, though I also love unique colours. I photographed a burgundy velvet one last year and a khaki green one recently with a custom skull inside which was amazing!


Should the groom's attire match his groomsmen? What looks best on camera in your opinion?

Personally, I like it when the grooms suit is different to the groomsmen, so he stands out in bridal party photos. 

Are black tuxedos still a thing? What’s your favourite type of suit to photograph?

Yes, tuxedos are definitely still in this season more than ever. I think the James Bond tuxedo look is timeless. A true classic, and something that can be worn again. 

My favourite suits to photograph are ones where the groom and groomsmen feel good in them. If you’re happy, confident and comfortable, your photos will represent those feelings of the day. 


What feedback (if any) do you often hear from a groom and their groomsmen regarding their suit choices on the day?

The guys are usually pretty vocal if things aren’t feeling 100% comfortable, so I hear a lot of men talking about wishing the pants weren’t so tight. I’ve seen a few rip up the bum, so make sure you have pants you can dance and eat in! 

I find the groom and groomsmen also dislike if their top button is really tight on their shirt, so make sure to find a shirt which isn’t too tight on your neck. I also recommend really thinking through the time of year you’re getting married. 

If you’re marrying mid-February in the heat of summer a 3-layer suit with a waist coat probably won’t be so comfortable you’ll be sweating so think about a thinner more light-weight material for summer weddings. 



What’s your best advice for a groom and their suit choice for the big day?

Find something you are comfortable in and that really encompasses who you are as a person. If you’re spending a lot of money on it, why not get something you will wear again? 

Ask your partner what colour outfit they are wearing too so you don’t clash. Pick something that is comfortable to eat and dance in. Often weddings are long days and it can be especially hot in summer. If you want to stand out, go for a daring colour, or design, but if in doubt, black will always be timeless. 

If you’d like to learn more about Charlotte Kiri or check out her incredible portfolio, you can visit her website here. 


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If you’re looking for inspiration, Charlotte’s photos of Felicity & Liam’s wedding above showcase the perfect blend of timeless style and contrast colour  against the beautiful Wanaka backdrop. We were proud to help Liam and his groomsmen look the part in our Sloane Dinner Suit by Gibson, sporting a slim fit single  breasted jacket with satin lapel. This is just one of many options we have at RJB Design.

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We can’t wait to help you find your perfect fit. 

November 10, 2022