Don't sweat it - Triumph & Disaster have got you.

I recall clearly the time I saw a big brand advertising its ‘ground breaking’ antiperspirant by showing an image of a women’s armpit with arrows pointing the flow of sweat back into the body away from the armpit. This brand was celebrating this innovative breakthrough in ‘pit science’ with much aplomb and pizzazz, but all I could think was ‘goodness, so now where are all those toxins going?' In short their advert served the exact opposite purpose of what they intended, instead of gaining my admiration they ignited my horror at what we are being told is the right way to deal with sweat and odor, by covering it up and forcing it in and out in other ways. I never have worked out what those other ways might be. 

Being a professional athlete and having some level of body awareness all my intuition was telling me what was being promoted as a solution was all kinds of wrong and just plain bad advice. 

We are designed to sweat, armpits in particular have evolved as a key component of our bodies heat management and toxin excretion systems – mess with these at your peril. 

Sending toxins away from armpits back into the body only creates stress elsewhere by asking other parts of our system to do more than what they are designed to do, either this or the toxins simply are forced to wait around while they find an exit. 

So promoting the stopping of sweat in the name of self-confidence or comfort at all costs should come with some serious disclaimers. 

And this is before we start to talk about what is in that antiperspirant to override the body’s natural processes, nasty chemicals that have proven side effects and come with great long latin names that hide their true risk. 

Names like; 

Triclosan- a bacteria killer 

Aluminum - used to block sweat glands. 

Propylene Glycol – petrochemical based penetration enhancer 

Phthalates – plasticizing chemicals that act like estrogen when absorbed. 

All of these ingredients can be found in your bog standard supermarket underarm products, all of them are toxins to human skin and endocrine system. 

Sorry for the monologue of shame but we needed to explain why we felt it important to create our own T&D deodorant. Simply we needed to be able to trust the product we were using. So here it is. 

Spice - like a bohemian clove 

Non toxic - In sync with our natural system, performance focused – calms sweat and attacks odour, without halting the bodies natural excretion or heating system.

 Dion Nash


June 21, 2019