Blazer-ing a Trail

Whether you call it a sports jacket, sport-coat, or boating blazer, a custom-made blazer is the most useful piece of clothing a man can have.

The term blazer comes from the bright red “blazing” blazers of the Lady Margaret Boat Club, the rowing club of St John’s College, Cambridge. Ever since blazers have always represented elegance and distinction.

Etymology aside, your custom made blazer is the perfect solution for the office, a surprise brunch, or a quick trip out of town. If you already have a custom blazer it might be time for another. If you don’t have one already, the time to get one is now.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for your next trip to Savile Row or Madison Avenue to get fitted for a new blazer in the world’s best cloth. RJB Design, located in Britomart Auckland fashion precinct, is your gateway to sartorial style.

So why bother with a custom-made blazer when you can buy one off the rack?

First, and foremost, RJB Design will ensure that your blazer fits you perfectly. Many measurements are taken to create a jacket that will accentuate your best features while slimming down your silhouette. This is not one-size-fits-all. This is your-size-fits-you!

You will not only have a jacket that fits you like no other, but you will also have a jacket made from luxury fabric and the highest quality lining and interlining.

At RJB Design, you can choose from Dormeuil’s vast collection of European milled fabrics. You can also select any number of unique design features including working buttonholes, contrast stitching, ticket pockets, and genuine metal shank buttons.

With all these choices, there’s no need to worry. Here's a list of keynotes:
  • The most practical blazer is single breasted with either a notch lapel (more classic) or a peak lapel (a little more fashion forward).
  • A double-breasted blazer is also very useful, but this is a touch more formal and not so good with jeans.
  • Lapels and ties are both becoming slimmer, so if you plan on wearing your blazer with a tie, match the width of the lapel with the width of the tie.

Navy blue is the most common colour for a blazer. At RJB Design, you can also view many other colour options and design choices.

Back in the early 1900’s the boating stripe blazer was in vogue and this look was also popular among the mod squad in the 1960’s. Once again, the bold stripe is back in style.

The streets of New York, Paris, and London are filled with striped blazers made in seersucker, linen blends, cotton, and fine wool. All of these fabrics options are available at RJB Design.

Whether you wear jeans, chinos, dress trousers, or corduroy, nothing finishes an outfit better than a custom blazer. It’s time to get out there and blazer a new trail.

Luke Mayes is a freelance writer living in New York.
August 01, 2017