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Get A Tie!

IMG 1740Get a Tie!

Finish off your outfit with a tie – It’s the first thing that people notice, it’s the first thing that people comment on! 

Get the right length – The tip of your tie should stop right at your belt.

Get the right width – Ties are going narrow.  A narrow width looks great with the modern cut of your suit.  Don’t go too skinny keep that for the more casual look.

Get the right knot – Keep your knot size the right size and shape.  Don’t go too large or to small, go back to your school days and do the four in hand.  A nice knot for the current shape of ties.  Keep the dimple when finishing your knot, it adds character.

Get a solid – A good range of solid coloured ties makes life easy when choosing a tie to match your patterned shirt and they look strong and sharp against the plain shirt.

Get your patterns sorted – A pattern tie adds flair to your everyday outfit, think colour for the races, think spots for weddings and stripes for the office.

Get a tie for the week-end – If you don’t wear a tie why not get one to go with your more casual shirt, keep it slim, tie it looser and give it texture.

 New range of Moschino and Monti Costello ties in store – a fantastic collection 

Get a tie and get that tie on!

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