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A piece of New Zealand on a Blunt

RJB Design are proud to have taken part in the lastest Blunt Collaboration.
Flox Classic
Three iconic NZ brands have collaborated to help the world’s climate problems, one umbrella at a time.
Flox, Oxfam NZ and Blunt™ Umbrellas have come together to help raise interest in and funds
to make a difference to Oxfam’s climate change initiatives by creating this Limited edition Blunt™ umbrella. 
Inspired by Blunt™, Oxfam and Flox’s love of New Zealand’s native wildlife and trees,
the artwork will is printed on BLUNT Classic and BLUNT Metro styles, with different colourings for each variation.Blunt Flox
We have sold out of the Metro but have the fantastic Flox Classic still available.  Numbers are limited.
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