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Wedding Suit

Ido loves MandyspacerThe only thing better than getting a suit tailor-made for yourself is to be getting one tailor-made for your wedding day.

Your first step to getting it right is to realise that it is all about the bride, either include her in your decision making or keep her in mind when you are making your choices.

My next piece of advice is to do your research and that goes with any suit purchase - go online. look at pictures of styles, fabrics and prices.  I am a fan of the movies and it can be a great source of inspiration - Oceans Eleven, Inception, Quantum of Solace, Sabrina - Flick through magazines, GQ, FHM, Esquire.  When you are ready make an appointment to discuss your options, allow time to look through fabrics swatches, discuss your options and flick through the photos.  This is a great opportunity to bounce around a few ideas and to get pricing options.  Your suit price can vary so much depending on make and fabric.  We can look at all options to suit all budgets.

Pay attention to the small things your bride will appreciate it.  A fantastic suit will look even better with a good pair of shoes, the right shirt, tie and cuff links.

Most of all make it an enjoyable process.

Thanks for sending us your photo of your RJB suit in action on your wedding day.  We love to see them, so keep sending them in. info@rjbdesign.co.nz


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